30 DayAffirmation Challenge Day #6

Good morning my beautiful people!! Today is Day #6 in our Affirmation Challenge. Over the past few days if you have been affirming to yourself everyday then you should feel a sense of positivity., a reassurance that you can do anything. 

If you can think it, you can do it! 

Today this is my Affirmation. I have a weakness for letting fear step in and consume me. I will NOT allow fear to win, not this time! 😊

Stay positive and know that what you are affirming you can do. All you have to do is Speak it, BELIEVE IT, manifest it! 

Energy Between Us


Face to face not exchanging any words, only energy…
Vibrations of, love, lust, desire, and sweetness traveling through the dense air.
Our thoughts being masked by our expressions.
Thump thump … Can you hear the pound, the beat of the heart…?
Strong and anxious, yearning………. Ready.
Thump thump…. Can u feel the thumping of the man … Banging… Bumping trying to get out of the boat..
Being overfload by the pure liquid of the sea.. Drowning in sweet bliss ..
Love being experienced, not only as an emotion of motionless, but as physical, physical as an action set forth by a reaction.
Our energies collide, unite and intwine in a sweet chanted melody, moving to its own beat, blurring out the background.
That moment … Us … As one

True Love


Often time’s people wander what true love is. But honestly there is no set definition to love.

I believe love is all about what you want it to be.

Some people tend to base true love off of others relationships, not realizing that every relationship is different just as we are different as people.

The love that you call “True” holds its own unique quality and it’s what makes your love extraordinary!

It’s all about knowing what you want, and finding someone compatible to your needs.

For me, True love is one that can understand you in every way imaginable. Someone that can be your strength when you are weak, your encouragement when in doubt, your happy when your sad, you’re medicine when you’re sick, your drug when you need your fix, the Clyde to your bonnie, (or the other way around) or even the Romeo to your Juliet.

True love has no limits.

True love is No fairytale. Where you have your up’s there will be downs. It is just up to you to mend the broken pieces, and learn to work with each other and pull through.

True love is based on commitment, communication, trust, respect, and just giving your all equally.

So what does true love mean to you?