Relationships and Marriages



Every relationship requires work, and when I say that I don’t just mean from only one side, the work should be mutual. 

I sit and i observe others marriages and relationships, and true indeed, no relationship or marriage is perfect, but you have to work towards perfection. Nowadays people are calling on a divorce with in a split second or when they’ve had an argument.  But why? ….. You began the marriage on mutual circumstances and at one point you truly loved each other, and 9 times out of 10 you still do.   People will throw theyre marriage away as if it is something that can easily be replaced.

Instead of throwing your marriage away, work on it. Talk about it. Do you know that if couples just sit and talk about what is bothering one another with some understanding and patience, IT WILL WORK.

Marriage is sacred. Its one of a kind. Cherish it. Work on it. If the love is there, and the love is true, you will always be able to push through. Communicate, have patience, Love deeply, and always have understanding. IT will Work as long as you want it to…..

-Simply AH 

Appreciating Life



Life …… what does it truly mean? Yeah it’s a 4 letter word, and we live it every day. But living and not appreciating is the wrong way.

As people we are divided when we shouldn’t be. Into sections of judgment, upon what we see.

Looking at what people call a Bum, They may not have it all, sleeping on the street, with nothing on their feet, begging people for something to eat, trying to find ways to make heat… but theyre here!, and they appreciate.

Now moving on up to our people just getting by , from day to day. Not seeing life in color but only in grey. 

Working to just to pay bills but still managing to get those pills, to ease away the pain just keep themselves sane.

But they still get on their knees and pray, thanking god for getting them through another day. Showing appreciation

Now getting a little higher on the chart, talking about middle class, but where should I start.

They are making a living but not living life. Having extra money to spend but no time to really get it in.

Living comfortable making ends meet, and at times helping to feed the bums on the street.

At the end of the day, they are always blessed and thankful for what they have and pray that it will last.

Lastly we have our rich folk. As we call em

They are definitely paying bills, living up in Beverly Hills, riding on big wheels, sitting on a mill.

But do they appreciate?

These are the ones that are the highest on my chart, thinking they all smart, running over people, trying to get a headstart.

Even though you have made  it to they top, never ever forget that you could end up on bottom.

So in the end, appreciate all that you have along with everything that others do, because you never know when it all will come back to you.