30 Day Affirmation Challenge Day #16

Everything within you, inside and out is beautiful. 

Do what makes you happy, 

Live the life you deserve,

And never let anyone speak of you in a manner less than what you Truly are….Amazing that is.πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š

Speak it, please believe it, and Manifest.

30 Day Affirmation Challenge Day #7

Today is Day 7 of our Affirmation Challenge. 

When situations arise and may not go according to plan, or people may not say what we expect of them, it’s ok. Don’t allow yourself to let others dictate how you feel about yourself. You are only what God and yourself say you are, and nothing less. 

Affirming today that no matter how you think others may feel about you, you are enough, you are worthy, you are loved. 

You have to believe that. 

Speak it, believe it, manifest it. 

You have control over self ……. No one else.

So go about your day, Be aweasome! Be beautiful! Be amazing. Just…. Be…. You. 😊

Motivation Monday

Love yourself for all you are and take care of self.Β 

With the way society is set up nowadays, we tend to try and compare ourselves to the next person.

There is an image that is put up no matter where you look.

The image that a woman is supposed to have a big butt and tits. Or that a man is supposed is supposed to be all toned and muscular with some kind of definition.

No man or woman are made as equal. We are all different and unique in our own way, that’s what makes us special.

What everyone fails to realize is that it is not all about what’s on the outside but what’s on the inside that makes us who we are.

There are women out there that are drop dead gorgeous but they may be terribly ugly and flawed within. Even the most beautiful people tend to find an insecurity about themselves.

We all are beautiful, there is no need to compare or compete with the next.

Take time to focus on self. Focus on what makes you happy.

Focus on what makes you feel beautiful.

Embrace who you are and know that there is no one else like you. Do not Put yourself down. Speak over yourself, encourage self, motivate self. All of these actions over self will help you to transform into the person you truly are.

Your Happiness is a Priority. Finding happiness plays apart in being happy with who you are and being true to yourself.

The more you love yourself, the less you will need to try and compare or compete. If you are a bigger woman, Love your bones hunny! You are big and beautiful. As long as you are Healthy and happy that is all that matters.

If you are skinny, So what!? As long as you are comfortable and healthy, that is all that matters.

When you focus on taking care and loving yourself;Β Mind, body and spirit, you will not even think twice to the fact on comparing or competing with the next. Love you for all that you are. When you do watch how you change and grow!

-Simply AH



Flawless Friday

Think it, speak it, Manifest it, REPEAT. 

Take the day, no bump that! Every day, and love yourself. Let your securities and confidence speak volume in your appearance, the way you talk and the way you walk. 

Hell, if you want to, you can even snap your fingers. “Okay, girlfriend” 

Lol no but seriously, as women we have to nurture ourselves and be as flawless as we can be. Completely loving every inch of our body inside and out. 

It’s not about what others think about you, all that matters is what you think and feel about yourself. 

Always speak positive about yourself and the negativity from others will cease to exist.

So again I say….

Think it, speak it, manifest it, REPEAT. 

-Simply AH

My Random thoughts: Women have it tough

As women we go through so much to take care of ourselves, I mean soooooo much. 

We go through a lot at trying to make ourselves feel comfortable in the skin we are in. I mean lets be honest , the guys have it too easy ( slightly an understatement)  

With men, they only thing they have to beautify is the hair on their face and head, which is nothing but a simple cut without a second thought. They can throw on some gym shorts and a white tee and be perfect! 

Men: Yeah man, I just need the sides cleaned up a bit and just a fresh line up. And let’s shape up the beard.

And another, 

This time I’m just want you to cut it all down for me, and clean my face up.  I’m going to rock with the baby face. 

I mean really…..πŸ˜’ it easy peasy with them. But hold up now!!! 

Women! Y’all dont hear me……WOMEN! We got to go the whole ten yards and then some to make sure we are up to par and confortable with the after math. 

Women: OMG , my hair is a mess! Ugh . It’s dull, shedding. What should I do??!  Mabe I will just get it cut. 

Hmm but how should I get it cut? I don’t want to take too much off, but then again … A short style would be kinda cute. 

Sigh, I think I want my hair longer. Mabe I will get some extensions. 

I wonder if my man will like my hair short? Hmm mabe I shouldn’t. Omg idk!!! 

Going out tonight, what am I going to wear. Oh! This dress is cute. No no it’s too short, it’s too tight, mabe some pants. 

Hmm what shoes pair well? This is cute…. No no , these look better. OMG I forgot I had these shoes, these are better.

My eyebrows are growing back and look too wild, they need to be waxed.

How should I do my make up, natural, dramatic. Hmm mabe just some mascara. Nooo that’s not enough.

Ugh I’m not feeling well today. Bad hair day hat!! Where are you. People are going to wonder why I have that hat on, let me try just a pony tail. No no, the hat. 

My nails need a serious fill, I am 2 weeks over due. What color do I want … Hmmmm should I do a design? Gel or acrylic. 

Ok, y’all get it right? It just doesn’t make any sense. But this shit is real. πŸ˜†

And no matter how much we tell ourselves. I love me for me and I don’t care what anyone else thinks. We still go through hell and high water to make sure we take care of ourselves. 

I wish decisions were so much easier for women. I mean after all, we do deserve it right…..?