Chin up darlingšŸ˜‡

Move past yourself and into the world

There are many that are afraid of the outside world and what it has to offer. 

Afraid to take a leap into the water

Afraid of drowning with no one there to save you.

You can’t make it if you don’t try. Have a test of faith upon the possibilities that could be out there.

By staying confined to ourselves and not venturing out we allow our selves to miss out on the woulda ,coulda, shoulda’s in life. 
Afraid of the world critiquing you and dissecting every aspect of your being. 

Being judged for things you are not. 

Not appreciating what you have to offer.

All these things are apart of life. 
I can not lie, it is a cruel world out there but you have to be the one to decide whether you will let all the distastefulness consume you.

To move forward and stop being afraid of what’s out there you must mentally adjust your thought process and realize that no matter where you go or what you do in life there will always be someone that is against you. 
But between the select few that just may happen to be against you, think of the mass outcome of others that may support you.

Life is full of risks, and booby traps.But with faith, drive, confidence, and motivation; you CAN do it!

Take on the world with everything you got! 
-Simply AH

The Upbringing of our ChildrenĀ 

As parents we want our children to succeed in life. Not for us , but for themselves, for the future.

The base of every child starts with the parent.

We raise them up and attempt to mold them how we want them to be. But every child will take their own form only displaying traits of what the parents have taught them along the way. 

We have to instill confidence in our children. By reflecting confidence  we are giving our children the potential to succeed. 

Parents, if your child has doubts, it is your job to reassure them of their possibilities and bring them up. Kids beat themselves up enough as it is, only to have their parent tell them, they can’t do this or they shouldn’t do that or your not that good at this or that. 

Children face many moments in their life where they get confused, and they doubt themselves. Our words and actions have power over our children and for them to gain confidence, it is they key to their success.

As a parent you have the power to make or break your child. 

Of course we are not perfect and neither are our children. We can not get it right all the time. But in the end as long as we make sure we build our kids up and never tear them down then we have done our part in planting the seed of hope and opportunity.

-Simply AH