Taking Opportunities


Good Morning , Ladies and Gents

Let’s take this week to focus on the opportunities presented before us. No matter how great or how small. If you have the opportunity to tell someone you love them, then do so. If you have the opportunity to lend a helping hand, then be of assistance. If you have the opportunity to make a difference, take forth and help to make a change. If you have an opportunity to make someone smile, then do so. You may just turn their day around. .. Opportunities present themselves in our lives each and everyday but at times we are blinded by anger, resentment, sadness, worry, stress; so much that we forget to give but always looking to receive.  After all, life is too short. 

Let everyday consist of 

Lessons learned

Knowledge gained and 

An expansion of our Wisdom. 

Simply AH

Energy Between Us


Face to face not exchanging any words, only energy…
Vibrations of, love, lust, desire, and sweetness traveling through the dense air.
Our thoughts being masked by our expressions.
Thump thump … Can you hear the pound, the beat of the heart…?
Strong and anxious, yearning………. Ready.
Thump thump…. Can u feel the thumping of the man … Banging… Bumping trying to get out of the boat..
Being overfload by the pure liquid of the sea.. Drowning in sweet bliss ..
Love being experienced, not only as an emotion of motionless, but as physical, physical as an action set forth by a reaction.
Our energies collide, unite and intwine in a sweet chanted melody, moving to its own beat, blurring out the background.
That moment … Us … As one