Be of Spirit

Holding on to Faith



complete trust or confidence in someone or something.
strong belief in God or in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof.
There have been moments in all of our lives where we questioned the possibilities of what will come and what should be.
It’s only natural.
Only when we are weak will our faith be tested.
In order to overcome , we must be strong and stay positive. For every negative thought, overlap it with something positive and beneficial.
Remember,……. Sometimes Things must fall apart in order for better things to come together.
-Simply AH

Relationships and Marriages



Every relationship requires work, and when I say that I don’t just mean from only one side, the work should be mutual.Ā 

I sit and i observe others marriages and relationships, and true indeed, no relationship or marriage is perfect, but you have to work towards perfection. Nowadays people are calling on a divorce with in a split second or when they’ve had an argument. Ā But why? ….. You began the marriage on mutual circumstances and at one point you truly loved each other, and 9 times out of 10 you still do. Ā  People will throw theyre marriage away as if it is something that can easily be replaced.

Instead of throwing your marriage away, work on it. Talk about it. Do you know that if couples just sit and talk about what is bothering one another with some understanding and patience, IT WILL WORK.

Marriage is sacred. Its one of a kind. Cherish it. Work on it. If the love is there, and the love is true, you will always be able to push through. Communicate, have patience, Love deeply, and always have understanding. IT will Work as long as you want it to…..

-Simply AHĀ 




Trying to find that piece of inspiration that lies in the cracks of a shallow soul. Within all the darkness, searching for a glimpse of light to shed way of getting through that awful night.

Searching for answers and trying to find my way, but there is something blocking me from seeing the light of day.

Digging and digging trying to reach deep within , longing for that answer of where im going and where I have been.

But its not important to where I have been , because finding that inspiration is based upon who I am today.

But still I searchā€¦ā€¦. Chasing after a dream, flowing in that stream, failing to realize what it all means.

When will it all be visible for me to see clearly, because the pain that I feel Is dragging me in to a pit I cant seem to pull myself out of.

Im just looking for that piece of inspiration to go with my gestation in order to overcome all this frustration!

Time, ā€¦.. time is what I hear that comes with patience. But as the time passes, that word patience disappears, deep in the atmosphere.

My emotions are on high, I just want to make a difference before life passes by.

Ā I sit in silence and search deep within, and suddenly I find that inspirationā€¦.. it has been there all along, only to be clouded by my emotions, and doubts, I recognized that going in is the only way outā€¦.