For every action, there is a reaction……We all know this right?… So why is it that People do the things they do?

Hurting others for their selfish desires such as power, wealth, and pleasure. Not caring who or how they hurt someone and the damage they may have caused.

Truth is, It does hurt when you are mistreated, but don’t let your opponent know your weakness. Show them you are stronger and better than them in more ways than one. Revenge is never the key… trust and believe they will be handled by the one and only…. “KARMA” ………karma because aĀ person can only go on so long doing dirt before they get stuck in it…. And when the lies start rolling they are only digging their selves deeper and deeper with no way out.

So the next time you find your self a victim, just remember …… everything in the dark will always come to the light and reveal itself to you. Just be strong and live, laugh ,love.


Who gives the right for people to judge others??…. You never truly know what a person may be going through in there life. I sit back and just listen to how others can downgrade another person, but have you ever asked yourself… What is that person going through? There is a reason behind everything and everyone. You could be looking across the room at someone and say ” omg, they look so run down and drunk, and why does he keep looking at me” …. But this very man, could have just lost his job, and maybe even his family. Bottom Line is, Judgment is very cruel, so the next time you see someone that doesn’t match your ideal standards, just remember …. You never know what a person has gone through. So think twice about what you say.