It’s so many people that are stated to be unarmed and shot by the police, I’m starting to think they are doing it just to prove a point to us… 😳 fact of the matter is. No one is safe. We all can end up victim and just another statistic in societies books… Smh 😒#sadbuttheTRUTH


Nightly Thoughts

I never can truly understand why some women must degrade and belittle themselves just to seek attention. We as women are so much more, we are true beauty no matter the shade, or size. Be comfortable in the skin you are in. Love your self for all that God has created you to be. The thoughts and opinions of others are irrelevant to the facts of your inner self and all that you are meant to be. You are beautiful! One of a kind. Don’t be a clone, be your own! Love thyself. ☺️






Trapped in 2 worlds. An entry to both sides with only 1 that plans out. Door number one is all about what’s meant to be, having a family, but crossing out me. Me is who I can’t seem to find.  Being trapped behind door number 2 not sure if this is what I’m supposed to be going through. Lost split into 2, reaching for an answer in order to find you. Who is you? You is me, a part of me that only myself can see. A rampage beginning fighting to fit in, fit in where it all began. Who am I? I am me. Me sending out a plea, god please I beg of thee. Free me from you and you of me, to be united as one for eternity. Locking 1 door and throwing away the key in order to free me so I can be who I need to be. Will this answer all my questions, clash between all my confusion? I am no longer trapped, I am clear to see, see that it’s not you, it’s only me. Me to be free, free of thee. That way I can be all that is me.