30 Day Affirmation Challenge Day #8

Hey all my wonderful people!!😊

I do hope this journey has been a growing and opening experience for you thus far. Some may be opening up faster than others but regardless, one day at a time. Speaking over yourself changes you, inside and out!! Have faith and don’t quit!

Please stay positive and if you have any doubts or need any guidance, I am here🙏🏽. 

Step out on Faith

During my morning read a question came about that made me think a little bit.

What if God says no?

If you all are human, to say the least; then like me you have come to question why has God not come forth and answered your prayers. Well, I ask this question a lot and until just recently I know exactly why.

It isn’t that God does not hear us, or does not want to answer our prayers, it is just a lesson that is trying to be taught.

It is within US, to make a difference upon the prayers that we pray. I’m learning that a prayer is nothing without a sight of action in trying to meet God half way.

For example: Say you pray and ask God for guidance and courage to do something.

Well, he hears you BUT, in order for him to even begin helping you, you must first help yourself. Make the effort and take the initiative to at least try whatever it is you are praying for. We can’t expect God to just immediately make things work for us if we don’t at least try.

Going back to God not answering, or “Saying no.” He will give us the only thing he can, and that, is his grace. Now, if you make no effort to try and do things on your own, then all you will have is God’s grace but without the blessing that comes with it. Although his grace is a blessing upon itself, imagine how much more God will bless, and guide you if you only try and step out on faith….

-Simply AH




Energy Between Us


Face to face not exchanging any words, only energy…
Vibrations of, love, lust, desire, and sweetness traveling through the dense air.
Our thoughts being masked by our expressions.
Thump thump … Can you hear the pound, the beat of the heart…?
Strong and anxious, yearning………. Ready.
Thump thump…. Can u feel the thumping of the man … Banging… Bumping trying to get out of the boat..
Being overfload by the pure liquid of the sea.. Drowning in sweet bliss ..
Love being experienced, not only as an emotion of motionless, but as physical, physical as an action set forth by a reaction.
Our energies collide, unite and intwine in a sweet chanted melody, moving to its own beat, blurring out the background.
That moment … Us … As one