It’s so many people that are stated to be unarmed and shot by the police, I’m starting to think they are doing it just to prove a point to us… 😳 fact of the matter is. No one is safe. We all can end up victim and just another statistic in societies books… Smh 😒#sadbuttheTRUTH


Overcoming Tribulations

Through life we get bombarded with unexpected troubles, weakness, pain, and loss; all in one word, “Tribulations.”  It’s as though you have reached a breaking point and cannot mend your self back together. But just as you feel broke, it is the very reason to know that anything that is broken can indeed be fixed, one way or another.

In order to pull through, you must have faith and hope. You must WANT to return as a whole. I know that it can be hard at times given that every situation is different and everyone deals with circumstances in their own way; but YOU ARE AS STRONG AS YOU WANT TO BE!

I believe that in life we struggle and we are presented with different tribulations in order to make us stronger and to prepare us for something greater. But if we are unable to overcome those different obstacles then we can not move forward to what lies ahead. 

No matter your situation, No matter your pain, Know that weakness is not a trait of you, it is only a word that will attach itself to you as a weight. You have the power, and the strength to overcome. It all starts and ends with you….

Simply AH

Relationships and Marriages



Every relationship requires work, and when I say that I don’t just mean from only one side, the work should be mutual. 

I sit and i observe others marriages and relationships, and true indeed, no relationship or marriage is perfect, but you have to work towards perfection. Nowadays people are calling on a divorce with in a split second or when they’ve had an argument.  But why? ….. You began the marriage on mutual circumstances and at one point you truly loved each other, and 9 times out of 10 you still do.   People will throw theyre marriage away as if it is something that can easily be replaced.

Instead of throwing your marriage away, work on it. Talk about it. Do you know that if couples just sit and talk about what is bothering one another with some understanding and patience, IT WILL WORK.

Marriage is sacred. Its one of a kind. Cherish it. Work on it. If the love is there, and the love is true, you will always be able to push through. Communicate, have patience, Love deeply, and always have understanding. IT will Work as long as you want it to…..

-Simply AH 

Understanding Parents


We have all been to the point where we just don’t understand our parents; let alone them trying to understand us, but now that I am older with kids of my own, I understand.

I am the oldest of 2 brothers. I have been listening to them complain constantly……

One of them expects everything to be handed to him, and gets mad when it’s not.                                                                         The other Thinks his father is too hard on him and always Nags at him.

Well Guess what? There is a reason for His Madness!

The way I see it is He just wants you both to Grow into Mature hard working men that depend on yourselves rather than others.

He wants you be independent rather than dependent on others.

He wants you to Be more than just a statistic, and actually make a difference.

He doesn’t just hand you everything because he want you to know what it feels like to work for what you want and need.

He wants you to be better than he was.

He wants you to Know the struggle before you ACTUALLY struggle.

Just look at the bigger picture and realize that there is more to it than what meets the eye. Our parent or parents Push us so we can strive in this Screwed Up society. 

They just want us to be prepared and able to take on anything that may come our way.

You don’t see it now but trust me, eventually you will and when you do, I’m going to be right there to tell you I told you so and there is always a reason for the Madness!