Removing people from your life

Lately I have been allowing people to disrupt my soul, my inner peace. Battling with trying to refrain from stepping outside of myself, But as I realized once before, people only have as much control over you as you allow. 

It seems as though when you are trying to better yourself, inside and out the world attacks you just to bring you back from where you came. Situations arise, things begin to be said, all resulting in a negative atmosphere trying to consume you. 

As a woman trying to grow closer to God, and practice mindfulness, I have to take a step back and analyse the things going on around me. Re evaluating who I am choosing to let inside my world vs who I will gladly dismiss on the count of the bad “ju ju” they bring about. 

My peace is worth so much more to me than the mere ignorance of others. 

I will not allow anyone to disrupt my soul

I am taking my power back and dismissing all bad ju ju from my presence, whether in the physical or the virtual form, it is no longer welcome in my space. 

We have to take back control and speak over ourselves in order to manifest the unimaginable and the unattainable. 

©Simply AH 

I can do everything through Him who gives me strength -(philippians 4:13)

Ask, and it will be given – (John 15:7)


Taking Opportunities


Good Morning , Ladies and Gents

Let’s take this week to focus on the opportunities presented before us. No matter how great or how small. If you have the opportunity to tell someone you love them, then do so. If you have the opportunity to lend a helping hand, then be of assistance. If you have the opportunity to make a difference, take forth and help to make a change. If you have an opportunity to make someone smile, then do so. You may just turn their day around. .. Opportunities present themselves in our lives each and everyday but at times we are blinded by anger, resentment, sadness, worry, stress; so much that we forget to give but always looking to receive.  After all, life is too short. 

Let everyday consist of 

Lessons learned

Knowledge gained and 

An expansion of our Wisdom. 

Simply AH